Jet Blasting

Jet Blasting


Full Bore Pipe Relining understands the need to provide quality-plumbing solutions at affordable prices. Blocked drains are a common problem for domestic and commercial properties and when you consider how much we ask our drains to deal with it’s no wonder they block up every now and then.

On any given day fats, grease, oils, hair, debris and tree roots find their way onto our drainage system and create backups. Digging up pipes to fix blockages is costly, disruptive and can damage property. That’s why Full Bore Pipe Relining uses revolutionary jet blasting techniques to clear pipes without digging.

Using powerful jets of to unblock pipes is not only better for your hip pocket ad your home it’s also better for the environment as no harsh chemicals are needed meaning out waterways wont be subject to chemical outflow.

If you don’t flush out your drains you risk getting a blockage that is so severe that you will have to excavate and even replace your pipes. Blockages create problems with corrosion over time and if corrosion continues unchecked your pipes will eventually collapse and you’ll be forced to foot the huge bill for a full removal and replacement.

We use the latest equipment to give our customers the results they need. We use CCTV Surveysto provide us with eyes below the ground and find blockages and faults. We then clear drains with our high-tech jet blasting equipment. Our CCTV cameras are then used to check the pipes following our blasting service and provide you with a standard to measure future tests against.

Why Go With Full Bore Pipe Relining For Your Jet Blasting Needs?

  • Full Bore Pipe Relining is committed to providing customers with a cost effective way to maintain their pipes buy offering jet blasting solutions instead of traditional excavation or replacement options.
  • We only use high-quality equipment operated by skilled tradesman that demonstrate excellent workmanship on every job they complete. You can rely on each and every one of our team to provide you with an excellent jet blasting service.

We use CCTV Surveys to diagnose problems and check the efficacy of our work. We provide our customers with a record of the footage, which can be used as a benchmark for further checks and works.

Our jet blasting service will keep your pipes in good condition by removing blockages that would cause corrosion and eventual collapse if left in place. Our service is a way to maintain your pipes and protect yourself from huge outlays in the future.

Contact us today to give your pipes the famous Full Bore Pipe Relining jet blasting service.