Pipe Relining Information

Pipe Relining – Information


Full Bore Pipe Relining are masters in the pipe relining world and we have the track record to prove it. The key to our success is our alignment with the best product on the market and our commitment to investing in our team by providing them with ongoing training and opportunities for development.

We are a licensed and accredited provider of NuFlow, which means our company’s methodology, and workmanship has passed the rigorous standards that NuFlow sets out for service providers. They are so confident in our ability to deliver every time that they have provided all of our customers with a 50-year guarantee on relining works.

A key aspect of our service delivery is the provision of a CCTV Survey service, which uses a CCTV camera to survey your pipe system both before and after our work. It allows us to see which areas of your pipe need relining as well as providing you with a record of our work.

How Pipe Relining Works?

Our service utilises NuFlow Pipe Relining Technology uses specially designed epoxy to create a new lining within your current pipe. The product allows us to essentially give you a new pipe within a pipe without having to excavate your property or replace old pipes.

The new lining is capable of fixing defects, weak points and loose joints as well as strengthening the pipes structure to prevent tree root intrusion and bursts. We can perform this service on any pipe from 40mm to 1.5m wide. NuFlow can be sued to reline small sections of pipe or the entire pipe depending on your needs.

How Do I Know if I Need Pipe Relining?

The most common reason for needing pipe relining is a blocked drain. Bad smells, a gurgling toilet and problems with water drainage are the most common symptoms of a blocked drain.

Our CCTV Survey will be able to figure out the cause and location of the blockage so we can fix it and reline your pipe to prevent it from happening again. A healthy pipe shouldn’t block so a blocked pipe is a sure sign that your drain system needs some attention.

Advantages of a Pipe Reline Service

  • Save yourself money down the track be rejuvenating your pipes now instead of having to get them completely replaced later.
  • Stop blockages by giving your pipes a smoother surface for water to flow through.
  • Protect your pipes against corrosion and other problems like tree root infiltration.
  • Better water pressure.

Contact Full Bore Pipe Relining today to take advantage of the wonders of relining your drainage system.