Nuflow Product

Nuflow Product


Full Bore Pipe Relining is extremely proud to be named as an accredited NuFlow licensee. NuFlow has stringent guidelines surrounding accreditation so it’s an enormous honour and testament to our workmanship that we have been licensed to purchase and use this incredible product.

NuFlow is the best epoxy product on the market and we only decided to put our hand up for accreditation after extensive research into other pipe relining products. NuFlow was a clearly superior product to anything else due to its ability to provide permanent drainage solutions.

About NuFlow

The technology that NuFlow is based on originated in Canada where it has been used for over 25 years. NuFlow was formed in 2004 and the Australian branch has worked so hard on perfecting the quality of its product that is prepared to offer a 50-year warranty on pipes relined by us.

NuFlow is completed Australian operated and owned with headquarters in the Gold Coast. Their ultimate objective is to push the envelope in the non-invasive pipe rehabilitation industry and continue to drive innovation.

All products are made in Queensland and shipped directly to us, allowing supervisors to maintain excellent standards of quality control and ensure that all NuFlow products meet exacting standards.

NuFlow has a number of advantages over its competitors including:

  • Use of epoxy resins instead of PVC to create a better adhesion and prevent further tree root penetration
  • 50-year warranty guaranteed by NuFlow
  • NuFlow allows the relining off small sections of pipe; PVC requires the entire pipe to be relined
  • Ability to customise liner to suit any piping system
  • NuFlow lines the structure of pipes
  • With a network of over 40 licensees NuFlow has proven itself to be a brand that can be relied on
  • The network of licensees are engaged in a support system meaning Full Bore enjoys the support of over 40 other companies

We absolutely love this product because we love what we can achieve with it. We can safeguard your piping system for a minimum of 50-years just by relining your pipes with NuFlow.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll have an expert team of tradesman to complete the relining and you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long term. No digging, no trenches just strong pipes that will save your home or commercial space from flooding, burst pipes, blockages and a whole host of other problems.

Contact Full Bore Pipe Relining today if you want to give your pipes the NuFlow treatment.