Downpipe Relining

Downpipe Relining


Full Bore Pipe Relining is expert in the relining of downpipes of all shapes and sizes. Our skilled team can reline your downpipe in all situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s surrounded by bricks, in a high-rise building, seemingly inaccessible or you just need a small section relined Full Bore Pipe Relining have the skills and equipment you need.

We’ve performed downpipe relining in all types of spaces, from family homes, to commercial spaces and apartment blocks. We maintain absolute quality and safety throughout the project and leave you with the perfect solution to your downpipe relining needs.

Our service has saved homeowners, business owners and Strata companies a huge amount of time and money by protecting their pipes from the need to be removed and replaced.

Our relining service works by filling your pipes with a high-quality epoxy substance known as NuFlow, which is then pushed to the edges of the existing pipe to create a brand new pipe lining. This technology allows us to save your downpipe no matter where it’s positioned.

Why Go With Full Bore Pipe Relining For Your Downpipe Relining Needs?

  • We only use the highest quality epoxy to create your downpipe’s new lining to create an entirely new pipe within a pipe. We back the quality of our downpipe relining service to provide you with years of drainage.
  • A downpipe relining service will increase the lifespan of your downpipes and prevent you from suffering from any costly flooding, burst pipes and the need to completely replace pipes.
  • Our expert team will be able to find the right solutions for your relining needs, if only a section needs relining then that’s what they’ll quote. Full Bore Pipe Relining never charges customers for unnecessary works and we provide the type of transparency that you can rely on.
  • A key aspect of our transparency is in our offer to provide a CCTV Survey that provides customers with a recorded video of the current state of their downpipes as well as a view of what the relining has achieved. We provide customers with a copy of this recording, which can then be used to measure the health of your downpipes in the future and we offer this entire service at one affordable flat rate.

So, if your downpipes need attention and you don’t want to foot the bill for a complete replacement contact us today!