Ongoing Maintenance

We want everything to be as easy as possible by you and that’s why we would never leave you in the lurch. We provide on-going maintenance for all of our services. We don’t just set up your site and walk away, even if you have elected to manage your own site we will still be contactable should any problems arise. If there are any glitches with your site, the site goes down or content isn’t uploading as it should just give us a call and we will fix it right away. There isn’t a problem we haven’t seen or fixed and you can trust us to have everything going at 100% in no time.

We will also maintain your social media accounts and your email marketing. This means responding to customer enquiries/complaints and ensuring that your social media reach is constantly expanding and that your accounts are updated. We will monitor your email-lists to make sure that only signed-up customers are receiving your campaign and we will monitor how many people are viewing your blogs to see if you need to change direction with our topics.

It’s all about freeing up your time, by taking care of everything and that includes the maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Perfection: We want your sister and your content to be absolutely perfect, if it isn’t we have failed. Like all assets, your site and your content will require maintenance so get someone that cares to do it.
  • Prevention first: Our first goal is to prevent problems from occurring, using our superior web programming skills we will create a website that is safe from hacking and other problems.

Protection: Your reputation is tied to your online presence. A site full of bugs and glitches or social media pages full of negative comments will bring you undone. We can protect your reputation by protecting your online content.